Waking Up

kingston waking up on june 3rd. my dad’s birthday. he would have been 71 years old today. happy birthday dad.View full post »

JT’s 11th Birthday – Mini Movie

JT turned eleven a couple of weeks ago. to celebrate, we rented a party bus, picked up all of his friends at theirView full post »


my kids love doing these couch films—they love watching themselves back in fast forward even more. we got lucky thisView full post »

Slow Mo Sunday – Mini Movie

welcome to the first edition of our monthly blog circle “24 Frames. A Filming Project”. we’re aView full post »

Life 2016

a collection of memories taken in the year of 2016.View full post »

Scenes from Disneyland – Mini Movie

scenes from our weekend at Disneyland celebrating four years of Boheme.View full post »

Life 2015 – Slideshow

here is a slideshow of favorite memories from 2015. what a year, huh? in a time when staged instagram photos make usView full post »

30 Days of Life – Fall 2015

a collection of memories taken in the fall of 2015View full post »

Playa Del Carmen – Slideshow

we spent a week in playa del carmen celebrating the wedding of my brother and brand new sister, joe and jacque. theirView full post »

Big Bear, Ca – Slideshow

this year for valentine’s day weekend, we decided to gather a group of friends and head high into the mountains. hereView full post »

365 Project 2014 – Slideshow

this year i tamed my wild gypsy and planted my feet in much deeper soil. i allowed incredible and soulful friendshipsView full post »

Life 2014

here i am at the end of another film that chronicles the past year of my life. I barely remember what I did an hourView full post »

Life 2013

a collection of memories taken in the year of 2013.View full post »

boheme’s lullaby

 my sister, aimee, is a talented actress and singer. aimee wrote and sang this beautiful lullaby for her goddaughter,View full post »