Life 2015 – Slideshow

here is a slideshow of favorite memories from 2015. what a year, huh? in a time when staged instagram photos make us feel bad about ourselves, when honesty seems to take a backseat as we all try to portray a pin-interest-y online presence, it is always refreshing to welcome a new year. the first of the year is a rebirth. we have another chance to not give a crap about all the noise and focus on our own voice instead. another chance to keep it real. keep it honest. life can be hard and relationships can be hard. happy new year friends. here’s to keeping it real in 2016. here’s to letting go of the internet clutter and simplifying. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and light you have given me this year. your support means everything.

thank you and goodbye 2015. these memories will stay with me for a lifetime and then some.