JT’s 11th Birthday – Mini Movie

JT turned eleven a couple of weeks ago. to celebrate, we rented a party bus, picked up all of his friends at their front door, went bowling, then drove everyone back home. to say that the party bus was loud would be a major understatement—my ears are still ringing. but, to see the expressions on the boys faces as they stepped onto the party bus was priceless—something i will never forget. it was a combination of shock, awe, and pure excitement. here is a collection of memories from that day. just be happy that i disabled the volume on the party bus scenes. your welcome. also, should i be worried that JT and his friends/cousins know how to party already? ha!

this film is also part of our monthly blog circle called “24 Frames. A Filming Project”. we are a group of photographers who came together to improve our film making skills. we’ll be making monthly films based on a specific theme. This month’s theme is “day in the life”. i knew right away that i wanted to film JT’s eleventh birthday party. please follow the blog circle to see how my amazingly talented friend Erica Kuehlem Everhart interpreted this month’s theme.

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