i’m erica.

i’m a full time mother of three, wife to an amazing and talented man, a full time hobbyist photographer, and a documenter of life.

i am afraid to forget. that is why i document. i have forgotten so many things that have happened–it’s almost as if they never existed. but this particular season of my life, i refuse to let fade away into nothingness. i doubt i will ever be able to show my children how loved they are with this camera. it’s impossible to explain the inexplicable. but i hope someday when they look back at these snapshots of their childhood they’ll smile. i hope they will feel the love i have for them pour out of every frame.

when i look back at my images, i want feel everything about the moment in my blood. i want it to flow through me like a gentle stream. i want to hear the birdsongs, i want to smell the dirt, i want to taste the thick summer air on my lips. i want to feel the way my heart stopped when my children looked at me like i was magic. sometimes i lie to myself and say i document just for them. but truth be told, i document for me too. this is proof that i was here. that this all happened. i really made three little humans with my body, and we got to spend everyday together, and i was able to witness miracles.

my passion is creating visual memories of ordinary moments. i find nothing more beautiful than real life. nothing more inspiring than capturing a real moment with genuine emotion. i strive to make pictures that invoke feelings and memories of a life well lived. so what if it isn’t perfect. so what if things are unorganized and messy. that is what life really looks like. and family. and love. and i would love to do the same for your family. contact me at ericamontgomeryphotography@gmail.com or use the contact form above.


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