O Christmas Tree

in the montgomery family, we have one tradition that kicks off our holiday season; each year, we head to the tree farm to cut down our own christmas tree. there’s really something magical about the experience. as we slowly rumble in a tractor toward the fields of christmas trees, the kids drink hot chocolate atop a haystack and squeal with delight. there is always some debate as to the tree we pick, but we always end up finding “the one.” after the perfect tree has been selected, the kids cheer as my husband saws it down. here’s to another year of continuing our favorite tradition together; let the christmas carols begin!

EricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-1Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-2Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-3Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-4Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-5Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-6Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-7Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-8Pin IT

DSC_1601-EditPin IT

EricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-9Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-11Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-12Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-13Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-14Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-15Pin ITEricaMontgomery_child_christmas_tree_farm-16Pin IT

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