Halloween Happenings

there is something magical about a bunch of families walking around in the dark, pretending to be things. i find few things more entertaining. this year, my children wanted their costumes to match their best friends, and that’s pretty special too. they decided to dress as football player and cheerleader zombies. they looked extremely cute and creepy. i LOVE the halloween season! i wish my kids could stay this age forever. here are a few of my favorite pictures from this years halloween season.

kids dressed for halloween from ericamontgomeryphotography.comPin ITDSC_8527-EditPin ITDSC_8624-EditPin ITDSC_8650-EditPin ITDSC_8665Pin ITDSC_8668-EditPin ITDSC_8682-EditPin ITDSC_8689-EditPin ITDSC_8707-EditPin ITDSC_8710-EditPin ITDSC_8738Pin ITDSC_8739Pin ITDSC_8793Pin ITDSC_8801-Edit-Edit-EditPin ITDSC_8823-Edit-2Pin ITDSC_9080-Edit-EditPin ITDSC_9100-EditPin IT

DSC_8758Pin IT

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