Northern California

we ventured out of southern california and headed north to relax and create memories with family. it’s not often we’re able to gather but when we do it’s special. jt and kingston idolize their cousin izzy and i am happy about that. I think she’s a special little lady myself. after visiting with izzy, we headed over to grandma and papa jack’s to spend a few days. on our last day, grandma and papa jack had christmas morning since we didn’t see each other over the holidays. it was the perfect way to end our trip, and the children got a kick out of opening christmas gifts in summer.

*   *   *

these are some of the photographs from our trip north…

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20137509660_0fdb9a59a5_bPin IT

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20138924659_4e682baba6_bPin IT19702952484_a0be8ea906_bPin IT20299349526_babf748518_bPin IT

20138970549_2c3ac16e69_bPin IT20317178552_c92ed1a1ec_bPin IT

20331651421_5fd1b92072_bPin IT19702966664_c383288d57_bPin IT20137551808_a52c2ac249_bPin IT20137604938_7944fe68ca_bPin IT

19702980334_5d3c356917_bPin IT19704570133_988495e8e8_bPin IT20331579511_b2bcf21739_bPin IT

20317087002_e8df0fbafd_bPin IT20138879729_9e5e7b4ecf_bPin IT20317068852_bb443eaca6_bPin IT19704538763_d90019c8b2_bPin IT20138891939_fa10fabe87_bPin IT19704525073_d16d83ac47_bPin IT19702858064_03c24c19d1_bPin IT

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