father’s day

how could i have known what a wonderful father he would be when we met? I find it hard to put into words what i feel when i witness the extraordinary love he has for his little creations. it’s beautiful. it’s inspiring. it’s a language all its own. he is the kind of man who will sit for hours on end telling them enchanted stories of far away places. he easily transitions into a human jungle gym after a long day of work. he coaches every team they join, holds their hands, and tells them “i love you” countless times a day.

gratitude flows heavily thru my soul and i cry tears of love as i type this post. because my children have been blessed with such an amazing father–and he just happens to be my husband. a husband that gives of himself unselfishly. loves me just as i am. and always puts his responsibility to us (his family) first.

happy father’s day babe. on this day every year i am reminded again that i am the luckiest women in the world. i am lucky that it was you chosen especially for me. there is no one else i would rather walk thru this world with. no one else i would rather journey through the winding road of parenthood with. and no else i would rather call my husband. my partner. the father of my children.

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  • November 11, 2015 - 7:22 am

    Maureen - Hi, Your work is amazing. I am a mother of 3 that used to live in LA, (I am in San Diego now) with ties to Boston.

    Your kiddos are adorable & your sentiments are so much like mine.

    I am a major fan of b/w & yours is great. Do you mentor?

    What lens are you using for those great shots?ReplyCancel

    • January 11, 2016 - 4:40 am

      ericamontgomery@aol.com - hey maureen. sorry it took me so long to get back to you. i get so much spam here in the comments. thank you so much for the kind words! i live in LA and i’m from boston! small world. i have two sister in laws who live in san diego. :) to answer you questions; i only have two lenses. i use my 35mm 1.4 95% of the time. i use my 85mm 1.4 once in a while for portraits. i love both, but couldn’t live without my 35mm. i am a “less is better” person. :) about mentoring, i don’t have anything officially set up, but yes, i do mentor on a case by case basis. my mentorships are one-on-one and take place through email correspondence and video over a 3-week period. The topics are tailored to your specific needs. if you would like more information, please email me at ericamontgomeryphotography@gmail.com. looking forward, ericaReplyCancel

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