playa del carmen, mexico

we spent a week in playa del carmen celebrating the wedding of my brother and brand new sister, joe and jacque. their week was muggy yet cozy. their celebration was simple yet charming and intimate. their love is delicate yet strong. they hired a photographer so you won’t see any of their wedding pictures here. what you will see is my children enjoying life and creating memories with their first cousins, colton and carrington. as kids, my sister and i always dreamed of having children the same age. our husbands would be tall and handsome and they would be the best of friends. we would live on the same street and would barbecue every weekend. well, life had different plans and now 3,000 miles separates us. watching our children play with abandon in playa del carmen was much like watching our childhood dream play out to the soundtrack of laughter and squeals. for seven days we were neighbors. for seven days our children had sleepovers, our husbands were inseparable, and we ate dinner together every night. it was magic. i could go on but i will spare you the mush and get right to the heart—some photographs of people i love enjoying the “good life” together in paradise.

*  *  *

these are just some of the photographs from our week. here is the slideshow with even more pictures.

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19756824935_457621bb45_b 19761512111_4705cd5384_b 19749570082_58e915c085_b 19568784728_b693355efd_b

19568775238_8c98d11dc8_b 19749559942_9580881803_b 19761494911_b0596d12f6_b

19730574706_8b2bb30909_b 19134276564_c9d3e7ce65_b 19135950573_1e6709e3fa_b 19756857585_d31ceca798_b 19568723648_d731ba94cc_b 19134069554_9663567d5e_b 19730470576_2b8c271b95_b 19135748743_1d235d46ab_b 19568735408_f10972cdac_b 19749529662_6394a65b09_b 19761454521_7307734685_b 19568738218_6b3e483f33_b 19756793155_21dc3e30e7_b 19568608178_4730c1a896_b

19570041069_c228dd1935_b 19756636365_0613c8c223_b

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