365 Project 2014

this year i tamed my wild gypsy and planted my feet in much deeper soil. i allowed incredible and soulful friendships to develop, watched my oldest son become a thriving third grader and my two year old leave babyhood behind and transform into a talking, singing, dancing, wild little soul. on a sunny day in august, surrounded by all his best friends, i watched our dynamic five year old become a six year old. i will never forget the way he smiled from ear to ear from sun up to sun down. i completed a 365 project and now have so many photographs and memories that i will cherish forever.

i have so many thoughts to share with you about completing my first 365, but i’ve entered a space where there is so much inside of me, but the words won’t come. i will continue to share snapshots of our every day until the words come and begin to flow again.

and now on to flourish in this new year of 2015.  living a life i’ve always dreamed possible; doing what i love as a mother, wife, sister, friend, photographer, artist, seeker, and dreamer.

this family of mine is easy to love and i’m so thankful they are mine.

happy new year.

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